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We provide our clients with a warm West Texas approach to a phenomenal pet care experience in your own home, while you work late, travel, have an emergency or need assistance. We understand your precious loved ones are family!

Our incredible clients know they are trusting their precious pets and their homes to a qualified, experienced, insured and bonded business since 2004

Joy is knowing that we provide exercise and companionship for your pets to meet their physical and emotional needs. 


Certified Pet Sitting Services

Midland, Texas

Pet sitting services - caring for furry, feathered, scaled, and small-sized hooved pets.  

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​​​Welcome to Three Shepherds!

One shepherd for your pets

One for your home

And one for your Peace of Mind

Home is where your loved ones are secure from the spread of viruses and bacteria while nurtured with lots of love in a stress-free, relaxed environment. 

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​​Life is family and family is life.