Lori Carson is a very outstanding lady and a fine example of the way people should conduct their business. 

When I first called Lori about taking care of my pets she wanted to meet in person to talk to me face to face and also get to know the pets.

She explained how her business operated and what was expected during the visit. I was given information to read and paperwork to fill out with all the details of how she runs her business. She not only takes care of my pets but also my home.

I quickly found she is honest, loyal, dedicated, consistent, and truly loves animals as well as her work.

Pets don't lie, so when arriving home I can see my pets are happy and peaceful, that says they are taken care of completely. Lori's notes left for me to read outline the days they are cared for and the phone call, to let her know we are home safely, also means she cares about all. 

Lori is always joyful, very trustworthy, and very much appreciated. Her pet sitting services are unique in the way she cares for others. She has become a treasured family member. Thanks to Lori, we had no worries.

Charlene Barker

(Fur Family member from 2011 to 2016. Miss your pets too!)

Thank you to all clients both past and present. Thank you for your kindness and support!


As a resident of Midland, TX we found it almost impossible to board our dog at local kennels. Midland has become a "boomtown" because of the industry expansion and the entire town is in over drive.

My husband has to travel a lot for his job and I was unable to accompany him on many occasions as I was unable to find a kennel for our dog. I finally asked my veterinarian if they could recommend an "in-house" pet sitter and they were happy to recommend Lori.

From the first time I met with her I felt confident in not only leaving my dog in her capable hands, but also my home. I was relaxed every time I left knowing everything would be looked after and my dog would be well cared for. 

Lori is an intelligent, well-trained, pet-loving individual. It is obvious that she takes her job seriously, but loves it completely. Her level of training is far more than I am sure most pet-sitters and confident that she can spot illness, or loneliness in an animal which makes her well-suited for her chosen career.

Brad and Rene Weiss

(Fur Family member since 2012 but moved away 2014. I miss you all!)

For many years we have relied on Lori's services to take care of our most valuable possessions - our home and our pets.

From the beginning of our relationship it was obvious that Lori was SERIOUS about her passion for the animals and for her job. She is the epitome of a small business that does EVERYTHING right.

There is a pattern to her business with initial contact, reminder calls, written notes on a business form, and follow up calls. If an unexpected need arises during your absence, she is prepared to handle it.

She has all the information you have provided, available to her and there is never a reason or doubt that a problem cannot be handled in the same manner as you would, if you were home.

The most outstanding characteristic of Lori Carson and her business is RESPECT. She respects herself, your home, your pets, your possessions, and you.

If Lori had the desire I fully believe she could manage a chain of businesses based on her own small business practices. SHE is a success!

Thank you,

Kathy Ham

(Fur Family member since March 11, 2007)