Other Various Fees, Credits, and Notes:

Key pick-up or return -  $12 If requesting keys to be picked up and returned for every set of visits.

​We have lockboxes available for $20. Yours to keep!!

Prescription Administration - Varies between $1/visit to $10/visit. 

Short Notice Booking - $7.50 additional charge if requesting service with less than 48 hours notice.

Holiday Fee - Time and a Half

Thanksgiving Day         Easter

Christmas Eve               Memorial Day

Christmas Day               Independence Day

Short Notice Cancellation:

Pet Sitting Visits - With 48 hours or less notice, 50% of total.


While on trip, please let us know as soon as you know if you will be delayed or will be arriving home early.

Upon arrival home:

Please don't cry "wolf" by not releasing your pet sitter from duty- avoid unnecessary administrative and overhead expenses due to false emergency!

Text you're home and safe as soon as you arrive home! 24/7

First time crying wolf, a pet visit charge is waived. Second time, a pet visit charge. Third time, your keys will be certified mailed. Save the emergency protocols for a true emergency!


Call at least 24 hours before to state early arrival home and the remaining balance is credited to your next set of visits!

Going out of town? We realize that no two pets and homes are alike. Let us help you customize the nurturing needs for your pets and care for your home.  

Perfect Pet Sitting 

$23 / visit  (basic but perfect care, no frills)

Deluxe Pet Sitting!

Starts at $25 / visit (most popular!)

Perfect & Deluxe rates apply for up to 2 pets per household

Multiple Kitty Cat Sitting (no meds, basic but perfect pet care)

$25 / visit  3 cats 

Additional pets to any of the above will be charged at:

$5.00 per dog

$2.00 per cat

$2-$5 per small aquarium or small caged pet. 

Exotic / Farm Pets / Special Needs Pets

Exotic, special needs and small farm pets will be charged according to the pet's needs (please call to schedule a consultation).

Overnights  are the ultimate in pampering for your pets and security for your home!

Starting at $85 per overnight for a fur pajama party! Overnight includes a dinner visit and then to return for the overnight around 10pm and leaving in the morning typically no later than 7am. Not available during the week or weekend of Holidays.

Additional Services:

Pet Taxi - Starting at $15 one way for one-two pets within an 8 mile radius.

Errand Service - $18 per trip plus cost of supplies (maximum 10 items). We are happy to run to the store if you run out of food, litter, pet supplies or meds.

Pet Shepherds in Midland, Texas