1996 solo U.S. bike tour, Yellowstone National Park.

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University of Central Texas

BS  Airway Science

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Pet Sitters in Midland, Texas

​​Pet First Aid/CPR Certified

Midland College

Phi Theta Kappa

University of Central Texas

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BBB Participant

in Torch Award

The animal kingdom deserves a gentle approach to their needs.

Midland College

AAS  Veterinary Technology

​​​From cargo pilot to shepherd. 

In a certain way, pet sitting is like aviation. Emergencies happen, not often, but when they do, reaction and timing is paramount. Coordination with the team is essential. Tranquility and peace of mind is knowing your pets are being joyfully loved and are in good hands.

My training at the Midland College Veterinary Technology Program is a quality-plus benefit; you've a trained eye watching over medical issues with your pets. As a Certified Professional Pet Sitter with Pet Sitters International (PSI) your pets are treated like royalty. PSI is the landmark premier company in the pet sitting industry.

The most amazing connection with  animals happened during a 6 1/2 week 10,000+ mile solo motorcycle journey across the United States.

Nature is powerful, gentle, beautiful and healing.

A few months after the bike trip I came upon a tiny little puppy who fit in the palm of my hand. I whispered in her ear she would be the guardian of my heart. And that became her name,  Guardian of My Heart.

Three Shepherds Pet & House Sitting Services was carefully organized and the door opened April, 2004. 

A Certified and Professional Pet Sitting Service that treats your pets with care and affection.

The "If I Could Be Series" (The ICB Series) was written; eight short stories with nature talking to the reader about their life experiences. 

A personal tribute to my little girl, the Director of Operations, was completed In January, 2015, "Diary of the Greatest Yorkie Who Ever Lived, Guardian of My Heart. December 21, 1997 to November 24, 2014." 

Nature is a gift, a conduit to the power greater than ourselves.

Our pets teach us endurance, compassion, empathy, and the purest form of love.

Thank you!

Thank you to all past and present family of clients for your support throughout all these years. You are beautiful, every single one of you! 

Beyond just an ordinary pet sitter; we shepherd your pet-family and home.

 Lori Carson


One shepherd for your pets,

One for your home,

And one for your Peace of Mind.